Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday in France (sounds like a movie)

We began the day with the best croissants that any of us have ever put in our mouths. If we have neglected to tell you, the food here is outrageously good. And the bread - oh, the bread!!! We headed to town and attended mass at Notre Dame Des Gardes. It is a beautiful church and today happened to be the day of the wind festival in town. It was another beautiful day. We worked diligently on our projects and ended the day with a ping pong tournament. I believe that Mary Clare Walsh was crowned ping pong queen. We are down for a good night's sleep for tomorrow we will walk to the chocolate factory. If you are lucky, your girls may bring back souvenirs from this outing. More tomorrow - Ann

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  1. Happy Fourth of July from hot and steamy Memphis, mes amies! Envious of the croissants and the chocolate factory excursion.

    Enjoy your remaining days in France. Safe travels.

    A tout a l'heure.

    Barbara Olson