Friday, July 8, 2011

On Our Way Home

We are on our final leg of the trip. We are sitting in the Pittsburg airport waiting for our connecting flight. We are tired and haggard from all of the customs and security checks, but are very excited to be on our way home.
Our unique travel experiences have indeed left "lasting impressions." Our painters now understand the difficulties of painting outside in the sun and the wind and even with a few rain drops. Our writers and thespians have been forever changed by their new understanding of the sacrifices made by the women of the French Resistance. The two groups of students learned from each other, worked well together, appreciated each other's work, and were a delight. We would be glad to travel with everyone of them again.
Our last night at La Giraudiére brought us all together to recognize the achievements of both groups of students. The thespians performed their play and the artists were awarded prizes for their paintings. The following awards were given:
The Lasting Impressions Award - Ashleigh
The Prix d'Anjou Award - Hailey
The Prix de Bretagne Award - Jill
The Architectural Painting Award - Annie
The Floral Award - Savannah
The Still Life Award - Lauren
The La Giraudiére Award - Hannah
The Drama Award - Katie
The Bruno Dahl Award - Katie
The Musée d'Orsay Award - Elizabeth P
The Dean's Award - Mary Clare
The Mary Cassatt Award - Judi
The Judges Award - Jennifer
The Best of Show - Hannah

Also, we failed to mention that the person who came in second in the ping pong championship was Jill L. AND the grand prize winners for the Trivia Contest were Elizabeth K. and Lily Kate, although Emma and Ellie won the most daily games.

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