Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We started our day at the Bayeux Tapestry, unaware that this sequential record of the Battle of Hastings would be completely eclipsed by the majesty of the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach. From the D-Day Museum at Arromanches to Point du Hoc, we followed the history and bravery that we have always read about but never understood until we stood where they stood and imagined what they saw. As we entered the hallowed grounds of the American Cemetery, each girl tried to find her connection to the people who gave their lives for what was right and good. Passing through the rows of fallen comrades, we noticed names that represented every nationality--there were stars of David among the thousands of Christian crosses. After today every girl was changed forever.


  1. I have chill bumps from reading about your visits to the gravesites at Rouen and Normandy. What a somber scene it must have been, so many sacrificed their lives for their country, faith and fellow man. Good thing your teachers prepared you well for what you will see and do on this trip. And the weather changed dramatically as well, we see you all in jackets now, no longer having a heat stroke. Thanks for sharing your stories and photos, it's great that all of us can share in the experiences with you in real time! Every day has been full of adventure, enjoy it!

  2. Bonjour Travellers! So many smiles to see - your excitement shines in your photos all the way across the pond!!

    Those amazing beaches and that quiet cemetery of valor and loyalty to keep our world free is something to cherish as citizens. So proud for all of you for wanting to make this stop part of your Lasting Impressions.

    Viva la France!
    Barbara Olson

  3. What an incredible experience to visit the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach. This is an amazing connection to our freedom and those who fought to protect it. It looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy each and every minute of this amazing journey. Thanks for the pictures and the update. We look forward to see what's in store for tomorrow.