Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We have reached our destination!!

Ellie's 18th Birthday Celebration at La Giraudiere!
Mont St. Michel
The Chateau

After spending the night in the beautiful Chateaubriand Hotel, we traveled to Mont St Michel, where we walked hundreds of steps to the top of the magnificent Abbey that appears to rise out of the quick sand in the English Channel. Our next stop was near Nantes where we visited the memorial to those members of the Resistance of the Marquis d'Saffre who lost their lives in that very spot - another moving experience. We have now reached our home away from home - La Giraudiere, where we begin classes early in the morning. The girls have settled in after a truly French birthday celebration for Ellie. She will never forget her 18th birthday. More tomorrow - Ann


  1. Happy Birthday Ellie! The chateau looks great. I hope you enjoy your stay and your days are filled with artistic inspiration...and continued great weather.

  2. Bon anniversaire, Ellie.

    Happy days in the Loire Valley to all of you. How about a photograph that includes your Tour Leader Par Excellence - did you all leave her in Paris??

    All quiet at the Academy as the month ends and we head off to vacations.

    Safe travels, my dears.

    Au Revoir... Barbara Olson